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Best Currency Trading System

There is no single best currency trading system however, there is a best currency trading system for you. The currency trading system that’s best for you, will take into account a number of factors which are covered elsewhere on this site including:

  • Your risk capital
  • Your Investment aims 
  • Your tolerance to drawdown
  • Your Trading personality

When you have taken the above into account, you then have your best currency trading system.

There are many different ways to make forex profits. If you were take a cross section of the great currency trading systems, they would all seek profits with different methods, have varying profits to drawdown - but they will all, have certain points in common such as:

  • They are all based around trading the odds.
  • They are all relatively simple in terms of their rules.
  • They all have strict money management.
  • They are all based upon logic which is easy to understand and have confidence in.
  • They are all applied with rigid discipline by their operator in strict accordance with objective rules.

Today we have a lot of traders who believe that the more they apply science and the more complicated they make their trading systems, the better their chances are of winning, this is simply not true.

Consider this fact: 100 years ago 95% of speculators lost and the same number still lose today.

This is despite the huge advances we have made in terms of technology – the number remains the same. This proves that trading success does not rely on science and it can’t, because markets as we discuss on other areas of the site do not move to a scientific theory.

A Simple System for Profits

Today, we have expert systems with artificial intelligence, chaos theory and neural networks and they maybe clever but you don’t get rewarded for being clever in forex trading. You are judged on the profits your trading signals produce and that’s it.

A simple system applied with discipline, is still the best way to seek profits in the brutal ever changing world of forex. If you take the free system we have on this site, you have a one rule system which will out perform systems that are far more complicated. The system works and will continue to work, as it’s based on timeless logic and is a good base for any currency trading system.

Building a currency trading system sounds complicated - but its not and can be done by any trader. You can build test and be up and running in a few weeks. When your system is build, just allocate 30 minutes a day, to your trading you can be making big profits.

You Trade and Win Even If You Have Never Traded Before

Many traders think they can’t do it but they can.

Instead of consulting some expert or guru online, who sells a meaningless forex robot or system, with a simulated back tested track record, you could have your own.

On this site we have tried to debunk some of the myths of currency trading systems and show you how anyone, with the right forex education and mindset, prepared to learn currency trading the right way, can turn forex opportunities into profit.

The best currency trading systems are simple and are based upon trading the odds and take into account your trading style. We hope you find the best currency trading system for you and you enjoy currency trading success.

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