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Become a Successful Forex Trader from Home

Make Big Consistent Profits in Less Than 30 Min Per Day

NO Previous Trading Experience Necessary

Simple Easy To Understand Fully Explained Logic

Try it completely RISK FREE!

Forex trading is one of the few ways to build wealth quickly; everything about successful trading can be specifically learned by ANYONE with the desire to succeed.

Here we will show you how to build big consistent profits in less than 30 minutes per day - even if you have never traded before.

The ONLY Way to Make Forex Profits

Thousands of new and inexperienced traders are charged hundreds, even thousands of dollars by self proclaimed experts for mechanical buy and sell signal systems which they claim will generate profits without you making any effort!

Guess what?

They will ALL lose you money.



"Thanks for your course and daily newsletters. Made $7,552 in my first month trading - hope there is more to come! God bless you and your team"

Miss A Turner - Cannes France

If trading was that simple, then everyone would be traders and no one would work!

Listen to what I Say, as I am no self proclaimed expert I am a trader with 25 years experience and will tell you - if you want to achieve financial freedom understand this fact.

95% of traders fail - who is to blame? Bad luck? The Markets?  


Trading success has nothing to do with luck - it has everything to do with YOU.

If you don’t want to learn and are not prepared to put in any effort, you won’t win at Forex trading. If you want to make money in life it requires you learn skills.

The good news is that if you apply yourself and learn you can learn skills quickly and easily, that will last a lifetime and put you on:

The Road to Financial Freedom 

It’s within your grasp! If you have just 30 minutes a day, you could soon be piling up triple digit profits -CONSISTENTLY and we will show you how. In fact, we are so confident we can teach you the skills that you need, you can try our material RISK FREE for 60 days.

A PROVEN System for Triple Digit Profits

This course is your complete step-by-step guide to trading success -if you have the desire and want to succeed, we will provide all the rest of the info you need.  

Our Velocity Breakout Method (VBM) is the culmination of 22 years of trading experience and will help you get the odds on your side for bigger consistent profits – its makes us great profits and will work for you too.

It’s simple to understand, easy to apply, takes just 30 minutes a day,so you can make a great second income in your spare time.

Why the VBM Works

The VBM is a system that shows you how to take advantage of shifts in price momentum and velocity, near important support and resistance points.

This gives you advance warning of whether support and resistance levels will hold or break, so you can position yourself for big profits.

Get Clear Confirmation Of Trend Changes In ADVANCE!

The big advantage of the VBM is there’s no guessing, predicting or hoping where prices may go - The VBM gives you CONFIRMATION.

The VBM gives you shifts in price velocity that CONFIRM, where prices are likely to go next, so you can trade with the odds firmly in your favor.

If you have the odds on your side, you can soon be trading for triple digit profits!

You Can Personalize It

The VBM is NOT a system that’s simply a number sequence and totally mechanical – it allows you to personalize it

It allows you to adjust the system to suit your individual trading personality

  • Use it to swing trade short term
  • Use it to catch long term trends
  • Use it to trade both
  • All trades are MANUALLY approved for total risk control

If you want to become a currency trader from home our course offers you EVERYTHING you need and gives you:

A Complete Wealth Building Solution

Sharpen Your Trading Skills with Our Support

We provide you with everything you need to become a successful currency trader from home including:

250 pages of strategy in PDF Format, not only will you get proven tools you will also get ALL the logic behind them, so you can trade the method with confidence.

In addition,we provide daily, weekly, and Special Situations Report - so you can see EXACTLY how we trade the big profitable trends and get real time Forex education from the trenches.

While your learning to trade, you will be allocated an experienced trader advisor to answer any questions or queries you may have on any aspect of the Course.

From the material you will discover the following wealth building info:

Get advance warning of tops and bottoms in any time frame.

Use a  simple 5 step process to trade each currency.

Learn which currencies are about to produce mega moves with two little known indicators.

Find out how to place stops to minimize risk and increase rewards.

Learn How NOT to get stopped out to soon so you can ride the big trends.

Learn how a simple profit taking signal to bank more money.

Learn how to double up your profit potential on ANY trade with 3 simple tips

Why Following conventional wisdom causes losses for most traders.

Learn the key elements to turn you from a good trader into a millionaire trader.

How to get more profits from each Trade even though you are trading the same currency as many other traders.

How to construct a trading plan for bigger profits.

+ Much more !!!

You get a complete roadmap for BIGGER trading profits and it’s simple to understand and learn these tools even for novice traders!

 "The logic is so simple! Its obvious why this system works and will continue to do so and thats what I really like about it - it gives me confidence. My trading has seen 3 months straight profits, delighted with all the material - Thanks again" 

Martin J - Sao Paulo Brazil  

  "After years of trying to "beat the market" and falling for systems that sell the "free lunch" concept its nice to be using one thats simple, honest and profitable"

V Alexankin - Moscow  

 "The sentiment indiactors for contrary trades are great! I had never used them before.. sold the record net long speculative position in the B Pound and caught a $3,050 profit in a couple of days- thanks for these tools their fantastic" 

Sonia Kristina - Oslo Norway

 "I have been using the VBM for swing trading and love the 3 step set up its so easy yet I have been banking excellent profits for 4 straight months. A great stress free way to trade thanks again"

Dr Asmail - UAE

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you trade and if so how long?

A: Yes unlike many people selling online, who are just marketing companies simply selling systems with simulated back tested systems - were traders. All our team has been trading for over 20 years and each day, we publish our view of the market so you can see how our system works.

Q: Can anyone learn to trade?

A: Of course. Everything about trading can be specifically learned. This was proved by Richard Dennis in 1983, when in just 14 days, he taught a group of people with no experience, to trade and they made him $100 million in 4 years. I am not saying you will earn millions but everyone has the potential to earn a lucrative income and enjoy currency trading success.

Q: If anyone can learn to trade why do 95% of traders fail?

A: Because most traders are naïve lazy or both. they won’t make the effort to learn the right forex education. Most simply buy an automatic system (with a worthless simulated track record) from a vendor and think they will get rich with no effort – that’s not real life. If you want to make money you need to do your homework, if you do you can make a lot of money.

Q: So no one else can give me success?

A: Correct – someone can lead you to success by teaching you but you are responsible for your own destiny and that’s not just true in forex trading, that’s true in life generally. We can give you all the support and the tools but you need to apply them, it’s as simple as that.

Q: There are lots of systems why would I Buy Yours?

A: Firstly, it’s logical, easy to understand, easy to apply and it works. Secondly, we are traders and we will help you with daily newsletters and a dedicated advisor to answer any queries you may have. Finally, it gives you a trading edge, by a unique blend of technical analysis and sentiment analysis to generate high odds trades.

Were traders and we walk the walk - most system vendors have never traded in their lives and simply talk the talk, they try and sell worthless back tested simulations - but we can all make money in hindsight doing that.

Q: How Long Does your system take to apply?

A: It requires you to look at set ups once or twice a day and that’s it. The system Should take you no more than 30 minutes daily and you can customize it, to take as much or as little risk as you wish.

Q: What Guarantee do I get it works?

A: You are taking our word that we can teach you to trade and you on the other hand have a right to your money back if we don’t deliver. We therefore provide you with 100% refund (no handling fees deducted) if you feel we have not delivered what we say in the first two months. We make every effort to ensure your success from 250 pages of clear concise material on the system, daily and weekly updates and unlimited email support.

Q: What do you like about currency trading?

A: There is no other occupation that can give you such high rewards for 30 minutes work a day. Forex trading can be learned by anyone, is fun, exciting and can be very profitable. Anyone has the potential to be a trader from home and earn a very lucrative income and build long term wealth. Forex trading is the final frontier of the free market economy and allows traders to start with small stakes and in many instances build a life changing income - if you have the desire to succeed and a willingness to learn, your all set.

Learn to Trade Like a Pro in 3 Simple Steps

1. Learn the Strategies and Logic of Why they Work

Our course contains over 250 pages of wealth building material, you get the strategies and tools we use and the logic of why they work written. EVERYTHING you need to know is outlined in clear, concise English, so you can start catching the big profits from the big moves and trade with confidence.

2. See the Strategies Traded in Real Time

You can also follow all the best opportunities with us, as we trade each day in real time! In our daily updates, we give you all the info you need to spot the BIG profitable trends in advance and make big profits. You get daily reports, blog updates, special situation trades sent direct to your email and weekly round ups of all the best trends and opportunities, to keep you one step ahead.

3. Get Full Support as You Learn

Were traders ourselves and offer you unlimited email support - got a question? email us and we will be back to you with a concise answer. Were here to help, so email us any queries and we are delighted to assist you with any questions or queries you may have.

A Complete Trading Solution to Make Big FX Profits

We have the strategies which can help you generate big profits. Forex trading can be learned by anyone - our methods are simple to understand, easy to apply and will get the odds on your side and that means a great second income in around 30 minutes a day. If you have ever wanted to become a successful Forex trader from home, you have the opportunity to do just that and learn with us RISK FREE.

Try Our Methods RISK FREE - Our Cast Iron Guarantee

This is a simple offer - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Order the material, read it, follow the updates – If within the first 60 days after purchase you decide that we haven’t helped you become a better and more profitable trader – get in touch and we will refund your subscription In FULL - No questions asked.

Nothing Could Be Fairer – so order your course today!

For limited period our course – newsletter and Special Situation Report bonus is available at the special price of $97.00

Read the Course

Learn in realtime

Learn with Real traders


Velocity Breakout - Course Material and 2 Months Access to Forex Profits Update and 2 Months FREE bonus Special Situations Update Price US $97.00



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